NCS Services

Our Services Include:

Costs Determinations:

All forms of cost assessments, including solicitor-own client, indemnity, and standard (party and party).


Costs Statements:

Also referred to as itemised bills or bills of cost in taxable form, when more details accounts are required to comply with legislation and regulation.



Unbiased, objective, and efficient of handling of objections.


Dispute Resolution:

Credible and effective for all parties.


Management and Consulting:

Assisting clients to improve their costing process, embedding maximised costing cost recovery in their practice.


Flexible and Innovative Services:

We are able to help you in any way, whether it be in-house costing, or providing costs dispute advice.



Our vast experience in auditing and analysing legal costs helps to give our clients a genuine peace of mind. We work flexibly and efficiently, allowing your firm the time and freedom to focus on your own clients.


NCS is characterised by accuracy, vigilance, and attention to detail.

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