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Let the experts at National Costing Services take the burden of all your costing requirements giving you the time to focus on what you do best.

Costs Determination Services Australia

Costs Determinations

All types of costs determinations, including Solicitor and Own-Client, Standard (Party and Party), and Indemnity.
Bill of Costs Statements Australia

Bill of Costs (Costs Statements)

Also known as Costs Statements, in the event that more detailed accounts are needed for legislation and regulation compliance.
Costs Disputes Expert Australia

Dispute Resolution

Ensuring the most favourable outcome possible for your client, NCS will negotiate on your behalf to resolve your costs disputes without going to court.
Notice of Objection Costs Lawyers


Efficient, objective, and unbiased handling of Notices of Objection to Bills of Costs in Taxable Form and Costs Statements.
Notice of Objection Responses Costs Lawyer Australia

Responses and Submissions

If you are asked to defend your own bill, NCS will help you with all submissions needed in response to notices of objection across all jurisdictions
legal costs consulting services Australia

Management and Consulting

Free up more time to focus on your practice with the cutting-edge internal legal costing practices and expert assistance NCS provides